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Who is a Christian Man?

Who is a Christian Man?
Abraham - a vertical relationship with God

As a convert to Christianity from the general cultural agnosticism,

one of the most important questions that Christianity answers for me is "what is my place in the world?".

The Bible shows me the direct lineage I have in faith to great men like Abraham.

Understanding that you are a man - you have a vertical relationship with God, the creator of the universe - your rights and responsibilities come from Him, not from some bureaucrat's desk - is a life-changing understanding.

Most of the Church has drifted into religious behavior (particularly in Europe, but also in America) and society has an image of a limp-handshake Christian. That is not at all the Christian Man that the Bible shows us.

There is so much to learn about being a Christian Man. Shaking off society's false images is a process that can take some time.

There are some great speakers on the subject. All I can hope to do is point people in their direction. In the next post I will link to some MP3s by people who I think are great men of God, and examples of Christian Men.

We all need to grow our awareness of what it is to be a Christian Man. Times such as these need Christian Men.

3:50 AM, Thursday 1st October, 2009Category Introduction


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