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10 messages on MP3

10 messages on MP3

Here are a few of many hundreds of teachings that I've found useful. I will add more as I sort them out.

I have learned a lot by listening to messages from experienced Christian leaders, particularly Jimmy Evans and Duane Vanderklok.

I couldn't possibly write all the material I have learned on a single webpage. But I can link to some of the best messages I've listened to.

I've named the MP3s so that they give an outline of the content. Some are better named than others. Sorting them is an ongoing job.

20060115_DVK_PM 4W Abraham covenant + good, tempered biblical prosperity.mp3

20060122_DVK_AM Abraham, wrong relationships.mp3

20060212_DVKJVK_AM keeping your marriage hot.mp3

20060312_DVK_AM - commanding your FAMILY after you.mp3

20060312_DVK_PM - commanding your FAMILY after you (incl. some good stories).mp3

20041010_AM_DVK - Develop Your Spirit.mp3

20070916_JE_1130 -Marriage-the Samaritan woman,God created marriage,marriage can't work without God,acceptance,security,identity and purpose-spouse cannot satisfy those.mp3

20060910_JE_1700 - God's perfect plan for Marriage.mp3

20060910_JE_1130 - having an indestructible marriage.mp3

20040912_PM_Jimmy Evans_marriage as the image of God.mp3

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